By using the latest developments in adaptive gaming, sensor-technology and natural language generation, we aspire to improve computerised training.

The DATA2GAME research project

Adaptive training games for crisis management

The Data2Game project investigates how, and to what extent, the efficacy of computerised training games can be enhanced by tailoring the training scenarios to the individual player. The research is performed in close collaboration with serious-game developers at Thales/T-Xchange and with Veiligheidsregio Twente for the purpose of enhancing the training efficacy of members of crisis management teams.

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The project is structured such that there is a close collaboration between the involved disciplines, and research outcomes will be implemented and validated directly in the actual target domain: the training of crisis management team members. The project will yield a new prototype of the crisis response training game for Veiligheidsregio Twente at least once every year. Iterative user evaluation and empirical studies will be performed at the Virtual Reality Lab (University of Twente), DAF Technology Lab (Tilburg University), and at TRONED (Twente Safety Campus).

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Latest news

17-09-2019 Publication accepted

'Andromeda: a Personalised Crisis Management Training Toolkit' was accepted by GALA conference 2019.

15-07-2019 Demo and talks at COG 2019

Two DATA2GAME publications were accepted for the IEEE Conference On Games 2019. Judith van Stegeren will present a demo of Churnalist at the COG industry day. Paris Mavromoustakos will present a talk in the special session about e-sports.

03-06-2019 Posters at ICCC and ACL

Judith van Stegeren and Mariet Theune had two publications accepted: one at the International Conference on Computational Creativity 2019 (Charlotte, NC, USA) and one at the StoryNLP workshop at ACL 2019 (Florence, Italy).

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